Where could you go?

Where would you go?  

What wilderness awaits?

At Pilgrim Trekking we have traveled trails, passes and beaches from Washington’s Olympic Coast and Olympic Mountains to the Glacier Peak Wilderness and the North Cascades.  And, we have dug deeper into places in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho where the trails come to an end and wilderness is everywhere.  Where would your group like to go?  Contact us and let us help you decide!  Here are some of our trusted travel ideas:


Big Mountains and Long Trails

If your group is looking for a place and pilgrimage that reaches high and travels far, we know some remarkable destinations. The ranges and peaks of Central Idaho are remote and wild. The ridges and lakes and rivers are remarkably unique.  And, so often, remarkably empty—even in peak Summer months. These mountains are well named.   Sharp, clear ridges rise quickly from the high valley floor and crest at 10,000 feet.  They ascend more quickly than most legs and lungs can imagine.  Dry and hot in the Summer with ice-cold lakes and afternoon thunderstorms, all shape the rhythm of each day traveled here.  We take on the challenge of long, hot ascents in order to swim in cold, clear lakes.


Our trips might access trailheads near Pettit Lake, Redfish Lake and Stanley Lake. We treasure this region and these trips because there is both physical and personal challenge. The challenge is getting there (as is so often the case with Wilderness) but the effort has real rewards.  The first few days of these trips have us following rivers and trails past lakes well known to many.  But we also move onto remote trails following climbers and fishermen into the awe and wonder of remote alpine basins.  Here, with so few trails, we follow only our own footsteps in the Wilderness and learn to leave no trace, as the mountains themselves mark us forever.


These trips require 8-12 days, depending on travel to the trailheads.  For a group seeking extra adventure we can add two days of rock climbing at the City of Rocks, an amazing climbing mecca in Southeast Idaho, or we can offer an extra day of mountain biking on soft single-track near Sun Valley, Idaho.  


Washington Wilderness

Long, long access trails through dense, mossy forest lead, in time and miles, to passes named Rainy and Cloudy.  True to the Cascades, these passes can indeed be both rainy and cloudy, but they also bring access to remote alpine basins, and magical places like Upper Lyman Lake, the Spider Glacier—and the miracle of Holden Village, where ice cream awaits high in the alpine.  Imagine that!


These trips can be done in 5-6 days, but offer further remote adventure when more days are possible.  Here we can couple wilderness travel with service projects and mountain retreat at Holden Village.  


And Where Else?

Tell us what Wilderness invites your Pilgrims and we will work with you to find a path!  We can couple service projects and wild places.  Let's create together!


Contact us here to get started!