Always. Winter. Always?

"Why, it is she that has got all Narnia under her thumb. It's she that makes it always winter. Always winter, and never Christmas; think of that!"

C.S Lewis. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

So that was her curse on the world. The way she pulled nature apart. Always Winter. But no "White Christmas." No Christmas at all. Just Winter, Winter, Winter. And so Winter became something to endure. It was a curse, and to be stuck in that Winter Snow was to be cursed.

And yet, I love Winter! I once dreamed of chasing Winter around the Earth--from hemisphere to hemisphere.

As I wake into February I am keenly aware of that love. I watch weather forecasts. I don't just check the 10 day forecast on, I read the twice daily NOAA posts. I check remote mountain weather stations for the overnight temperatures. How cold? How much snow? What was the water content in the snow? Wind direction? Are we stuck in the cursed westerly flow, or can we get some moisture moving over the Sierras and mixing with our sub-zero nights--and can I ski some fresh snow tomorrow? Can I see the landscape renewed?

So, yes. My Winter months are spent in Idaho mountains, and I am outside everyday, and I want Winter to last. Every day of Winter means another day to ski, and few things make me happier than another day skiing. But the White Witch was wrong. She wanted always and only one thing, and never another. And by holding tightly to just one thing--just one season--I might be subject to her subtle curse. A new snowfall refreshes a landscape--and it's easy to want that fresh beauty to stay, to remain. But no skier leaves fresh snow untracked. We long to change the landscape--and therefore we learn to let change happen.

This morning it is 2 below Zero. It hasn't snowed in days, but the sun will rise and the snow, and skiing, will be remarkable. I love this. But February will march toward Spring . . . and change will come. I want to learn how to live and love the seasons of my own life. I want to learn that clinging to just one thing is not real. But for now, it is Winter. Still.


BTW. There may come a time when our human contribution to climate change eliminates Winter from our world. That would be the greatest curse. I support P.O.W. "Protect Our Winters."

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