Unbearable. Lightness. Being.

"Let there be Light."

--The Book of Genesis

June will bring the Summer Solstice.

We will talk about longer days and the way the light lingers, longer.

It's good talk. The extra light is a recurring gift. There was a time when for me that light meant more "efficiency." I could stay at work longer and still get home in time to "do stuff." Like mow the lawn. I didn't want to waste the gift of Light.

Yet underneath that adult drive toward efficiency was the kid who just loved longer days. Longer days meant longer play. With light lingering, and no school on the horizon, there were evenings that stretched and stretched and stretched, and we ran, and laughed and knew there would be more Light.

Underneath the Light of June there is Joy. I'm less efficient than I used to be, and I "waste" daylight all the time. June just gives me more day to waste away, and often I do. I've learned to linger. I've learned to wait and watch and notice the way the Light changes. Doing so simply makes me grateful for the Light we know.

And, of course, June's longer days will draw me to trails and mountains as snow melts and lakes open. I am grateful for the Light . . .

"And there was evening and morning, the First Day."

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