Reading a Map.

"When the days seemed fulfilled, he set his face for Jerusalem."

--The Gospel of Luke

Jesus was on the road. All the time.

No matter what we might feel about the historical accuracy of the Jesus stories, what seems overwhelmingly clear is that he traveled. He moved. He covered ground.

I know I will soon be moving too. When July arrives I will be more on the trail than behind the wheel or at a desk. I will point myself in a direction and go. I love to use maps to find my way and I have become a big fan of using GPS to track and plan my trips. I love live checking my pace and location, and there is a some true satisfcation that comes from crossing a stream, or cresting a pass, looking around, and saying "I know where I am"--and then having some distant satellite and my GPS device confirm that I was right. (BTW: the GAIA GPS app is my personal preference.)

And I can read a paper map too. In fact, that's how journeys often start for me--with good quality maps covering a wide range of geography and topography. With the big picture that paper can provide I look for remote places. And then I figure out how to get there. I find my hands running over the flat surface, softly, as I try to see and feel the topography. Then, when the travel begins, my GPS can track me and confirm my planning instincts.

But there is another way to travel. There is another way to find a path. We just point ourselves. We set our face in a direction. We point our hearts toward something. And then we go. Traveling this way is elemental, and sometimes so necessary. Destination turns into destiny.

Where have you set your face? Is there a map, a road, a path? Set your face and set out.

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